Sweet Devil Maple Stout

It's nearly impossible to make a maple beer that is palatable. Loving beer and maple syrup on their own doesn’t necessarily imply that combining them will turn out like peanut butter and chocolate! Our goal was to create a beer that had slight maple undertones without completely dominating the flavour and mouthfeel of the beer. So we leaned on an age old tradition of fermenting beer in oak barrels and teamed up with Kinsip House of Fine spirits. They use their barrels to age their maple syrup once they are b!eyond their shelf life for aging spirits! We brewed our premium Devil’s Right hand Stout - “the Son" and transferred 200L of the batch into a Whiskey maple barrel, pitched ale yeast and let nature do its thing. The result could have been disastrous, ending up either overly sweet or the yeast could have converted the maple sugars into a high ABV monster. Instead it turned out absolutely perfect - the toasty chocolate and coffee tones normally present were subdued and replaced with a tinge of maple. The slight maple nose and subtle aftertaste makes this a County collaboration we are proud of.

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