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Outdoing last year's "11" was a tall order. We did so with our heaviest hop dosage ever (6lbs per bbl) and by tweaking the recipe to retain as much dank wholesome fruitiness in the beer. It's more "11' than "11". Oof.

It looks like beer, tastes like beer and so we just call it Beer. A simple golden ale best enjoyed where the focus is on the crew you are with, not the complexity of the beverage you are imbibing.

Ingredients from as close to the intersection of County Road 6 and 49 where Parsons Brewing sits. @pleasantvalleyhopsontario Centennial hops provide the soft chamomile floral compliment to a simple @barnowlmalt grain bill. A well-rounded mellow smooth summer tipple.

DDHNESIPA - Double Dry Hopped New England Session India Pale Ale. Absolute patio crusher - juicy pineapple dominates on the nose and palate with a pillowy toasty bready finish

Every 5-7yrs the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on earth, erupts into a flowery paradise after a severe rain. Soft floral hops on the open with a Champagne dry finish, we hope this Brut IPA inspires one to think beyond the obvious.

Every 5-7 years the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on earth, erupts into a flowery paradise after a severe rain. Soft floral hops on the open with a Champagne dry finish, we hope this Brut IPA inspires one to think beyond the obvious.

A beer that brings to mind a favourite UK dessert while still following the German Reinheitsgebot beer purity law was a challenge. @Escarpmentlabs Uberweizen yeast providing the fruity banana esters and specialty malt lending this stout subtle toffee and distinct chocolate notes did the trick. Expect a full bodied mouthfeel, a dry chocolate finish and highly satisfied tastebuds.
We brew this beauty annually to suit the warm days and cool evenings of this time of year. The taste and texture of dried fruit - apricots & figs - feature strongly through a malty backbone and distinct fruity esters from @escarpmentlabs French Saison yeast, topped by a super dry finish. 

Out of the mouth of babes:

Father: I'm sorry dear, I did my best.
Daughter: you can always do your better best.
This beer is the modestly juicier aromatic cousin of our flagship Westy - more passionfruit, less citrus with the same rounded malt backdrop and orange hues.

Rum barrel aged for nearly 2yrs, blended with blood orange puree and fresh roasted cracked cacao this stout delivers a toasty burnt orange texture, a rich bold chocolate body and a boozy vanilla finish that will lighten up your libido.

A smooth, dry, black lager featuring chocolate and coffee flavours without the bitterness of a stout.
Sour beers have a long history in Germany, typically two distinct styles - Berliner Weisse and Gose.  Cadence is a North American take on a German classic with local Barn Owl barley and wheat and a modest dry-hop addition of Triumph hops for a subtle stone fruit pop.

Two iconic PEC businesses together at last!  Bourbon barrel aged for 14 months and infused with a gigantic tub of Slickers Campfire ice cream.  A tantalising rollercoaster of flavours that opens like a bourbon filled chocolate truffle, wanders through espresso territory and ends with a smoky creamy finish.  Best shared with a loved one.  Or not.  

A rich delectable chocolate ganache with a subtle banana dipped in rum feel. Rum barrel aged for nearly 2yrs, blended with a measured amount of banana puree and fresh roasted cracked cacao this stout delivers a depth of flavour and texture that is like liquid fondue for adults.

When we spent time visiting family in Guatemala over the Christmas break a few places were closed for "Convivio" staff banquets. The name stuck and therein spawned another experimental series the Convivio series of hoppy banquet beers. Our inaugural release features legendary Amarillo hops - tangeriney honeydew melon with a soft pillowy finish.
"One more and we'll go" - how many times have we all said that? Well this beer pairs perfectly with that saying! Hoppy zestiness with minimal bitterness and a smooth mellow finish. Get involved!

A powerhouse collaboration between the maestro of fresh, Lemonade Dave and Parsons Brewing Company.  Fresh squeezed all natural lemonade, blended equal parts with Crushable Pilsner, an elixir for the ages!  

Called Crushable for a reason - this traditional German Pilsner is made for a hot summer day. Unfiltered because it has nothing to hide. Using only German malt & hops make for a malt-forward open and a dry finish.

Riding a wave of adult indulgence that starts with full bodied decadent chocolate and ends with a rounded boozy bourbon finish. Aging for 14 months brought out layered smoky coconut textures from the oak barrel, coupled with the 24hr infusion of fresh roasted crushed cacao beans took our dry Irish stout to a new level of decadence. A perfect evening tipple for the distinguished stout aficionado.

This Imperial Stout chimes in at 8.5% ABV without the slightest trepidation. Luscious dark cocoa and delicate coffee notes are evident within this malt-forward monster of a beer that maintains a velvety smooth balance despite its high ABV.

This brew is a blend of multiple batches of The Son aged in bourbon barrels. Expect a fragrant winter spice nose with notes of vanilla and slight toasty flavours emanating from the oak. A thought provoking distinguished stout.

This is the barrel aged version of the Elder, aged in Old Forester Bourbon barrels. Luscious dark cocoa and toasty vanilla provide the backdrop for a warm boozy brew intended for fireside drinking.

This is the base recipe for our Devil's Right Hand Premium line of stouts - a chocolately smooth brew that will warm the cockles of your heart.

Prescribed by Victorian physicians for various maladies this variety of stout has a sweet creamy mouth feel balanced with delicate notes of caramel and coffee.

Teaming up with the incredible team at County favourite Slickers Ice Cream we created a dessert stout for the ages. Bourbon barrel aged for 14 months, infused with fresh roasted crushed cacao beans and a gigantic tub of Slickers Campfire ice cream we aren't sure if our brewery known for its stouts has anywhere to go after this. A tantalizing rollercoaster of flavours that opens like a bourbon filled chocolate truffle, wanders through espresso territory and ends with a smoky creamy finish. Best shared with a loved one. Or not.

Our annual fresh hop version of one of our summer seasonals. Cascade straight from our hopyard in the whirlpool and local Barn Owl barley and wheat make this a 100% local brew. *BrewOn Certified

A recipe developed years ago with Big Spruce Brewing, Cape Breton for our annual Grape Harvest Party, this beer is a nod to local farmers. Auburn in colour with a malt forward profile that includes whole cone Chinook and Cascade hops straight off the bine from our little hopyard, Escarpment Labs Foggy London yeast, and 95% local grain malted by Barn Owl Malt. Malty and piney, this batch has a lingers on your palate like the scent of the boreal forest.

This seasonal favourite highlights how strawberry and mango puree can be folded into an IPA without detracting from the fact that it is still a beer.  It's high ABV is masked by the texture, mouthfeel and dominant rounded fruitiness in this unique brew, while the hops and malt take a back seat.
A smooth stout topped off with Samantha's father's organic coffee grown on the sloped coastline of the volcanic Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Deep notes of toasty chocolate from dark malt grown in Patagonia, Chile, and an uncompromising coffee punch balanced by the citrus and herbal aromas of cascade and Williamette hops. *BrewOn Certified
A German classic with an Ontario take, using Escarpment Labs' Uberweizen yeast.   Fruity esters are prevalent from the onset, with banana taking centre stage and finishing light and crisp.
Aussie hop bonanza of a beer featuring Enigma, Vic Secret & Galaxy. Notes of pineapple and passion fruit with a super dry finish.

A true coast to coast collaboration to benefit Prince Edward County Learning Centre. A fragrant pineapple nose and an indefinable fresh dry crispness make this an absolute patio crusher. Heavily dry hopped with Hops Connect Sasquatch and Pleasant Valley Cascade hops, featuring Rahr Malting barley and Barn Owl Wheat and Escarpment Foggy London yeast.

A psychedelic, aromatic, dry-hopped pale ale with a floral nose. A Mosaic Cryo and Amarillo hops team up to formulate a tingly blueberry apricot lovechild with a floofy full-bodied mouthfeel. (contains lactose)

We took our Mousetrap Rye Pale Ale and aged it in rum barrels and out came a masterpiece - Caribbean spices on the nose and palate contribute a warming effect balanced by a mild sugar cane sweetness reminiscent of a Scotch Ale. Dangerously smooth.

At times it's hard to foster a glass is half full mentality. Thankfully with beer, you can always drink your mistakes. When roasted malt erroneously ends up in a batch of Soft Hues Dry Hopped Lager, you stomp your feet, scream expletives and change course. We threw in a whack load of @Pleasantvalleyhopsontario Cluster hops and fermented with ale yeast, making it a soft mellow mongrel of a slightly zesty toasty ale, a beautiful oops. Introducing Klüster Fük.

An accentuated tangerine hop bomb with malty lingering balanced bitterness.  Named after Lake Ontario's own Bermuda Triangle  - it'll suck you right in!

A style of beer we’ve been excited to do for years. You can expect a smooth, mellow lager with a malt-forward toasty and biscuity flavour profile that pays homage to the many small, historic breweries in Germany and Czech Republic. Enjoy any time of day with your favourite salty snack.

A dry Saison highlighting the complex flavour of Belgian Saison yeast. A tempered late addition of Australian Summer hops add an element of stone fruit, complementing the hints of banana and clove in what is otherwise a dry, session able brew. *BrewOn Certified ABVS: 5.3% IBUS: 17

This beer encapsulates 1980s Japan - made with Sorachi Ace hops, yuzu juice and lime zest. Perfect for sunny days.
ABVS: 4.8% IBUS: 28

Called Crushable for a reason - this traditional German Pilsner is made for a hot summer day. Unfiltered because it has nothing to hide. Using only German malt & hops make for a malt-forward open and a dry finish. 

ABVS: 5% IBUS: 35


A generously-hopped incredibly refreshing West Coast style pale ale named after our VW Westfalia beer delivery van. You'll find it hard to sip slowly. Dry-hopped with Simcoe & Citra for a hint of grapefruit zest.

ABVS: 5.7% IBUS: 42

A complex beer with the punch profile of Rye malt, balanced by the rich almost nutty flavour of Maris Otter. Throw in a modest late hops addition, and you have a beer that challenges every taste bud on your palate.

A big focus on oats in the grain bill of this 8.1% abv DIPA gives it a full mouthfeel without being sweet.   Honeydew melon and citrus from heavy handed Mosaic and Citra hop additions.  Have two back to back and it makes your face tingle, right @freshlemonadedave? 

Younger sibling to the face tingling DIPA of the same name, this IPA packs all the same tropical fruit flavours in with a lower abv. Soft mellow pillowy finish. Get involved!

Our annual homage to Czech Pilsners release - this time with local Barn Owl floor malted grain, Escarpment Premium Pils yeast and Saaz hops from our hopyard.  Distinct malty texture and balanced hop zestiness.  As local as you can get!

Inspiration can at times come from desperation. Our next Pinchazo experimental IPA release - Lime Creamsicle IPA - was dreamt up during a semi-hallucinogenic heat wave daze that demanded ultimate thirst quenching satisfaction. *contains lactose

This little beauty is low in abv at 3% but big in flavour with a chamomile zestiness that's the perfect accompaniment for cutting the grass, a beach picnic or on a hike.

First in our new series of experimental IPAs, it tastes like biting into a juicy fresh Niagara peach! A biscuity aromatic grain bill nicely rounds out the heavy handed Sabro and Sasquatch dry hop additions.

Bringing the pH of an IPA down to a modestly puckery level that further brings forth the aromas and bright flavours of an IPA has been in the hamster wheel for a while.. and we are very excited about this one.  Featuring Nelson Sauvin hops and Phantasm NZ Sauv Blanc powdered grape skins.

The most crushable of our Hula Hoop Sour Series. The addition of lactose and pink guava puree provide a distinct texture to this sour designed for a sunny patio. Heavily dry-hopped with Ekuanot, adding notes of orange peel and papaya.
Polička is a town the size of Picton with one quaint brewpub with a history dating back to 1517 that provided strong inspiration in shaping Parsons Brewing. To pay homage to the age old tradition of a brewpub as a gathering place for their community to eat, drink and connect, we introduce Polička Czech Pilsner. Brewed with floor malted Czech barley, fermented low and slow and cold conditioned for six months this unfiltered Czech Pilsner is exceptionally smooth with the renowned balanced zestiness of Czech Saaz hops. Na zdraví!
The prickly pear fruit not only provides a deep neon pink hue, but lends this kettle sour beer notes of watermelon and bubblegum. A generous dry hop addition of El Dorado hops brings forth bright tropical flavours. We are pumped about this one!


One-offs, past brews

Vic Secret and Pleasant Valley Centennial hops lend this dry pale ale a pineapple verve with a slight floral nose. A very beer garden friendly summer brew.

A blend of some of the best we have to offer: we took our Brown is the New Black Lager, and blended it with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Grape juice from our Vineyard's 2019 harvest. You'll pick up subtle notes of grapes dipped in dark chocolate.

That uncle at every family bbq that asks all the uncomfortable questions, feeds the kids candy and always ends up fisticuffs - this one’s for him. The Son barrel aged in Papa Pilar rum barrels contributes a warming sensation and a smooth spicy undertone
Barrel aging Summer Saison in local Pinot Noir barrels lends this brew a slight vanilla and tart vinous character, complementing the hints of banana and clove from Escarpments Labs’ French Saison yeast.
Our Belgian tripel barrel aged in Pinot Noir barrels. Lightly carbonated with hints of dried fruit, and mulled wine spice. It tastes like a cup of Christmas cheer!
It's nearly impossible to make a maple beer that is palatable. Loving beer and maple syrup on their own doesn’t necessarily imply that combining them will turn out like peanut butter and chocolate! Our goal was to create a beer that had slight maple undertones without completely dominating the flavour and mouthfeel of the beer. So we leaned on an age old tradition of fermenting beer in oak barrels and teamed up with Kinsip House of Fine spirits. They use their barrels to age their maple syrup once they are b!eyond their shelf life for aging spirits! We brewed our premium Devil’s Right hand Stout - “the Son" and transferred 200L of the batch into a Whiskey maple barrel, pitched ale yeast and let nature do its thing. The result could have been disastrous, ending up either overly sweet or the yeast could have converted the maple sugars into a high ABV monster. Instead it turned out absolutely perfect - the toasty chocolate and coffee tones normally present were subdued and replaced with a tinge of maple. The slight maple nose and subtle aftertaste makes this a County collaboration we are proud of.

Appropriately named 'The Blender', Kirk's first foray into recipe development predominantly features malted oats. Deep amber in colour, drinking as smoothly as a breakfast shake. You won't realize til you stand up that it's 7.25% ABV. Pleasant Valley Hops Ontario cluster hops balance out the maltiness with mild floral undertones.

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