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The second release from our Hula Hoop series. Bright and opaque, sweet and tart with a light creamy mouthfeel - a perfect pairing for outdoor cooking and sunshine! (contains lactose}

Pint - $9.00

This beer encapsulates 1980s Japan - made with Sorachi Ace hops, yuzu puree and lime zest. Perfect for sunny days.

Pint - $7.75

Called Crushable for a reason - this traditional German Pilsner is made for a hot summer day. Unfiltered because it has nothing to hide. Using only German malt & hops make for a malt-forward open and a dry finish.

Pint - $7.75

A traditional English brown ale brewed to celebrate the Regent Theatres 100 year anniversary. Malty, nutty, with a subtle dried fruit undertone reminiscent of a fruit cake.

Pint - $8.75

Inspired by long contemplative walks on Sandbanks Outlet beach at dusk, Soft Hues features all the tropical hoppy aromatic goodness of an IPA with the soft mellow finish of a lager. Dry-hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic hops, we can't wait to watch some County sunsets with this beautiful can, designed by Christine Flynn, in our hands.

Pint - $8.50

A psychedelic, aromatic, dry-hopped pale ale with a floral nose. A tinge of sweet blueberry skin from mosaic cryo-hops and apricot and citrus notes from Amarillo hops.

(contains lactose)

Parsons will donate $1 from every Jimi Pale Ale sold to Darkspark.org

Pint - $8.00

A smooth, dry, black lager featuring chocolate and coffee flavours without the bitterness of a stout.

Pint - $8.50

A generously-hopped incredibly refreshing West Coast style pale ale named after our 1972 VW Westfalia beer delivery van. You'll find it hard to sip slowly. Dry-hopped with Simcoe & Citra for a hint of grapefruit zest.

Pint - $7.75

A smooth stout topped off with Samantha's father's organic coffee grown on the sloped coastline of the volcanic Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Deep notes of toasty chocolate from dark malt grown in Patagonia, Chile, and an uncompromising coffee punch balanced by the citrus and herbal aromas of cascade and Williamette hops. *BrewOn Certified

Pint - $8.00

When you're as impassioned by stouts as we are, it's hard to ameliorate one of our favourite recipes - but we have.  Technically now considered a Baltic Porter, this version of Stalwart has been fermented with Escarpment Laboratories Autobahn lager yeast, further mellowing the texture and finish of this smooth oaty chocolatey delicious beverage with subtle floral piney notes from Pleasant Valley Hops Cascade & Cluster hops.

Pint - $8.50

A complex beer with the punch profile of Rye malt, balanced by the rich almost nutty flavour of Maris Otter. Throw in a modest late hops addition, and you have a beer that challenges every taste bud on your palate.

Pint - $7.75

Blended barrel aged stout. Blending beers has become a passion of ours at Parsons. The culmination of multiple experiments is this blend of our Eightball Milk Stout and our Devil's Right Hand base recipe aged in rum barrels. Mild rum spice on the nose and a warming effect that finishes with a distinct crème brûlée aftertaste. A multi-layered delectable feast for the senses. (contains lactose)

Pint - $10.50 *Nitro

We brew this beauty annually, and this year was exceptional. A surprisingly slow 26-day ferment somehow managed to produce the strongest fruity esters we have ever seen from Escarpment Labs French Saison yeast. The taste and texture of dried fruit - apricots & figs - feature strongly through a malty backbone, topped by a super dry finish.

Pint $9.00

This brew is a blend of multiple batches of The Son aged in bourbon and brandy barrels. Expect a fragrant winter spice nose with notes of vanilla and slight toasty flavours emanating from the oak. A thought provoking distinguished stout.

Pint - $10.50

This Imperial Stout chimes in at 8.5% ABV without the slightest trepidation. Luscious dark cocoa and delicate coffee notes are evident within this malt-forward monster of a beer that maintains a velvety smooth balance despite its high.

Pint - $9.50

Bottles & Cans

A dry Saison highlighting the complex flavour of Belgian Saison yeast. A tempered late addition of Australian Summer hops add an element of stone fruit, complementing the hints of banana and clove in what is otherwise a dry, session able brew. *BrewOn Certified.

Pint - 7.75

Our Farmer's Tan Harvest Ale recipe with whole cone Chinook and Saaz hops straight off the bine from our little hopyard, Escarpment Labs Foggy London yeast, and 95% local grain malted by Barn Owl Malt. *BrewOn Certified

Same subtle malty base with the mellow carbonation bringing forth hints of lemonpepper and mild tarragon.

650 ml bottle - $9.28
Aussie hop bonanza of a beer featuring Enigma, Vic Secret & Galaxy. Notes of pineapple and passion fruit with a super dry finish.
Can - $7.97

Rye on Rye - our Mousetrap Rye Pale Ale aged in rye whisky barrels. A cousin to the Kilted Mouse, the Kilted Moose is smooth despite a subtle rye whisky kick, and finishes like the malty cult favourite beer that is its base.

Bottle - 13.51

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