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Called Crushable for a reason - this traditional German Pilsner is made for a hot summer day. Unfiltered because it has nothing to hide. Using only German malt & hops make for a malt-forward open and a dry finish.

six-pack $19.50 | flat $75.36

Inspired by long contemplative walks on Sandbanks Outlet beach at dusk, Soft Hues features all the tropical hoppy aromatic goodness of an IPA with the soft mellow finish of a lager. A collaboration with renowned Canadian mixed media artist Christine Flynn, this brew is a perfect year-round accompaniment to an appreciation for nature’s beauty.

single $3.76 | six-pack $22.13 | flat $77.52

A dry Saison highlighting the complex flavour of Belgian Saison yeast. A tempered late addition of Australian Summer hops add an element of stone fruit in what is otherwise a dry, sessionable brew. *BrewOn Certified.

single $3.10 | six-pack $18.18 | flat $71.52

A generously-hopped incredibly refreshing West Coast style pale ale named after our 1972 VW Westfalia beer delivery van. You'll find it hard to sip slowly. Dry-hopped with Simcoe & Citra for a hint of grapefruit zest.

six-pack $19.50 | flat $75.36
A complex beer with the punch profile of Rye malt, balanced by the rich almost nutty flavour of Maris Otter. Throw in a modest late hops addition, and you have a beer that challenges every taste bud on your palate.
single $3.54 | six-pack $21.24 | flat $80.53


The second release from our Hula Hoop series. Bright and opaque, sweet and tart with a light creamy mouthfeel - a perfect pairing for outdoor cooking and sunshine! (contains lactose)

single $5.75 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03
A staff favourite from our Hula Hoop Sour Series, not brewed since 2019. Our take on a traditional German Gose, brewed with cracked coriander and pink Himalayan salt. This version contains kiwi puree, lime zest and ground pumpkin seeds and is sure to challenge every taste bud on your palate!
single $5.75 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03
The prickly pear fruit not only provides a deep neon pink hue, but lends this kettle sour beer notes of watermelon and bubblegum. A generous dry hop addition of El Dorado hops brings forth bright tropical flavours. We are pumped about this one!
single $5.75 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03
A German classic with an Ontario take, using Escarpment Labs' Uberweizen yeast.   Fruity esters are prevalent from the onset, with banana taking centre stage and finishing light and crisp.
single $3.32 | six-pack $19.69 | flat $79.65

Our annual fresh hop version of one of our summer seasonals. Cascade straight from our hopyard in the whirlpool and local Barn Owl barley and wheat make this a 100% local brew. *BrewOn Certified

single $3.14 | six-pack $18.58 | flat $75.22
Second in this year's series of beers using Escarpment Labs' Uberweizen yeast.  The pronounced banana fruity esters are moderated by a fuller body malty biscuity texture and mouthfeel and lower carbonation.  Distinct Autumn vibes.  
single $3.32 | six-pack $19.69 | flat $79.65
This year's version of Shivaree Fruited Ale rested on our vineyard's Pinot & Chard skins for eight months before we added a balance amount of fresh raspberries and gooseberries from Campbell's Orchards. On the palate it has an umami beyond any brew we've produced - modestly sweet and tart, wine-like but still beer with a dry champagne finish.
single $5.75 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03
A smooth, dry, black lager featuring chocolate and coffee flavours without the bitterness of a stout.
single $3.54 | six-pack $21.24 | flat $80.53
A deep chestnut brown ale topped by a near-white creamy head. Maris Otter and chocolate malt combined with English ale yeast lends this brew toasty toffee notes while the earthy floral attributes of Willamette, Fuggles & East Kent Golding hops make it a perfectly smooth brew.
single $3.54 | six-pack $21.24 | flat $80.53
Every 5-7yrs the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on earth, erupts into a flowery paradise after a severe rain. Soft floral hops on the open with a Champagne dry finish, we hope this Brut IPA inspires one to think beyond the obvious.
single $3.54 | six-pack $21.24 | flat $80.53

Cloudy by nature with a tart open, a subtle juiciness & lingering hints of crisp orchard fruit. Our small vineyard consists of 500 vines - Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. Upon harvest, the grape juice is blended with a golden ale and fermented together with Saison yeast. The result is something very unique - a hybrid that is 30% wine and 70% beer.


A big focus on oats in the grain bill of this 8.1% abv DIPA gives it a full mouthfeel without being sweet.   Honeydew melon and citrus from heavy handed Mosaic and Citra hop additions.  Have two back to back and it makes your face tingle, right @freshlemonadedave? 

single $5.97 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03
We brew this beauty annually, and this year was exceptional. A surprisingly slow 26-day ferment somehow managed to produce the strongest fruity esters we have ever seen from Escarpment Labs French Saison yeast. The taste and texture of dried fruit - apricots & figs - feature strongly through a malty backbone, topped by a super dry finish.
single $5.31 | six-pack $31.86 | flat $127.43

We took our Mousetrap Rye Pale Ale and aged it in rum barrels and out came a masterpiece - Caribbean spices on the nose and palate contribute a warming effect balanced by a mild sugar cane sweetness reminiscent of a Scotch Ale. Dangerously smooth.

single $11.51

An accentuated tangerine hop bomb with malty lingering balanced bitterness.  Named after Lake Ontario's own Bermuda Triangle  - it'll suck you right in!

single $5.97 | six-pack $34.07 | flat $129.03


A beer that brings to mind a favourite UK dessert while still following the German Reinheitsgebot beer purity law was a challenge. @Escarpmentlabs Uberweizen yeast providing the fruity banana esters and specialty malt lending this stout subtle toffee and distinct chocolate notes did the trick. Expect a full bodied mouthfeel, a dry chocolate finish and highly satisfied tastebuds.
single $3.32 | six-pack $19.69 | flat $79.65
A smooth stout topped off with Samantha's father's organic coffee grown on the sloped coastline of the volcanic Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Deep notes of toasty chocolate from dark malt grown in Patagonia, Chile, and an uncompromising coffee punch balanced by the citrus and herbal aromas of cascade and Williamette hops. *BrewOn Certified
single $3.54 | six-pack $21.24 | flat $80.53
An impregnable fortress of a beer - a sweet almost creamy mouthfeel from the oats balanced with the spicy bitterness of chocolate rye malt round out this stout. This year's version fermented with Escarpment Labs' Premium Pils lager yeast is extra smooth! *BrewOn Certified
single $3.32 | six-pack $19.69 | flat $79.65

Blended barrel aged stout. Blending beers has become a passion of ours at Parsons. The culmination of multiple experiments is this blend of our Eightball Milk Stout and our Devil's Right Hand base recipe aged in rum barrels. Mild rum spice on the nose and a warming effect that finishes with a distinct crème brûlée aftertaste. A multi-layered delectable feast for the senses. (contains lactose)

single $11.51

This is the base recipe for our Devil's Right Hand Premium line of stouts - a chocolately smooth brew that will warm the cockles of your heart.

single $8.16

This brew is a blend of multiple batches of The Son aged in bourbon, rye and brandy barrels. Expect a fragrant winter spice nose with notes of vanilla and slight toasty flavours emanating from the oak. A thought provoking distinguished stout.

single $11.51

This Imperial Stout chimes in at 8.5% ABV without the slightest trepidation. Luscious dark cocoa and delicate coffee notes are evident within this malt-forward monster of a beer that maintains a velvety smooth balance despite its high ABV.

single $9.56

This is the barrel aged version of the Elder, aged in Old Forester Bourbon barrels. Luscious dark cocoa and toasty vanilla provide the backdrop for a warm boozy brew intended for fireside drinking.

single $14.17
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